In this post I will list some npm packages that have proven themselfes useful for developing Angular applications. I shall update this list from time to time.

  • angular-oauth2-oicd (more ...)
    Can be used to authorize the application against an OAuth2 Authentication Server. Works great with Azure AD app registrations using the v1 endpoints.

    npm install angular-oauth2-oicd --save

  • angular-tree-component (more ...)
    A component for tree views. Nice and flexible with styling and usage.

    npm install angular-tree-component --save

  • angular2-datetimepicker (more ...)
    Graphically appealing date picker. Has quite some flaws otherwise, but looks pretty.

    npm install angular2-datetimepicker --save

  • angular2-toaster (more ...)
    Nice toaster notifications. Gives a nice effect after delete, create or modify actions.

    npm install angular-oauth2-oicd --save

  • bootstrap (more ...)
    The classic frontend CSS framework to get started with a new project. Not the most minimal solution, but has the potential to support nearly every use-case later on. Include it via angular.json

    npm install bootstrap --save

  • bulma (more ...)
    Lightweight frontend CSS framework, use if the full featureset of bootstrap isn't needed. Include it via angular.json

    npm install bulma --save

  • leaflet (more ...)
    When maps need to be displayed, this is my go-to package. With types support it can be used like any other ts-package. Include it via angular.json

    npm install leaflet @types/leaflet --save

  • ngx-charts (more ...)
    Currently my favorite charting library. Supports more charts than Chart.JS and deals better with big amount of data.

    npm install @swimlane/ngx-charts --save

  • (more ...)
    Great package for websocket communications and live updates (if you live outside of Microsofts SignalR and work with Node.JS in backend). Include it via angular.json

    npm install @types/ --save

  • sweetalert(more ...)
    Cool alerts with animations. Great for acknowledging delete operations. Can be used either natively in JS - but ng packages are available, too. Include it via angular.json

    npm install --save sweetalert2